About FEA

Hello I am Tuo, a student in Mechanical Engineering.

I decide to blog about something I learnt on using finite element analysis and computer aid design software. You can found these blogs in related categories besides other random topic blogs about my life.

The motive of doing this is simply because I could rarely find fool-proof step by step guides for these kind of professional software.  And not every student is lucky enough to have an patient teacher giving instructions on these basic steps.

I plan to use Solidworks on pre-processing the model and using ANSYS or ABAQUS to calculate various problems. Hope you will like it.

And welcome to my homepage.

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One thought on “About FEA

  1. Nice general and specific information collection. It’s sometimes hard to find such information explained in a simple fashion. I am currently doing simulations using ABAQUS and would like to discuss with you a particular problem about Eulerian-Lagrangian modeling. If you have the time and are willing to discuss my problem then please respond to my provided email address. Thanks

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