How to tie parts together in ABAQUS( in order to simulate welded and bolted parts).

The question is from a guy asked for how to tie beam to a shell.

It’s basically the same thing as other TIE jobs.

1.Mesh two parts out and create new mesh part so you could operate whatever you want on the node or element.

(If you don’t know how to create new mesh parts, when you in the mesh module, choose :—mesh—create new mesh parts.)

When you mesh two individual part, whatever it’s shell- solid or solid-solid tie you wanted, you should make sure the TIE area are meshed the same or alike, so it will be easier to operate. However in this case, a beam connect to a shell on the 0,0,0 point, we could just tie nodes together like this.

I will still give out a example on mesh shape in another job I previously did. This two parts are bolted, so after filling the bolt whole, you should make sure the holes are meshed alike for tie together.

2. Choose TIE tool in Interaction module and tie them together.

it’s in the constraint—create—tie, or you can always use GUI.

You need to choose to tie nodes or surface together, for this job, you just need to tie nodes up and it’s done. See the node in the lower right corner in next picture? There it is.

I fixed the upper edge on the shell, the result seems reasonable, right?

However if you want to tie shells together, you should also choose the tie surface in addition of choosing the right area to tie, which looks like this, orange and purple, you will figure it out easily.

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2 thoughts on “How to tie parts together in ABAQUS( in order to simulate welded and bolted parts).

  1. Thanks so much for your post I got it to work today, I will definatley be checking out your web site more often now.

    David Thomas

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