How to refine mesh for accurate analysis.

When using FEM, it’s necessary to improve mesh quality in order to get accurate results.Now we are goanna learn how to refine mesh in ABAQUS and ANSYS on both 2D and 3D models.

2D model in ABQUS:

 When we analysis a model, we can more or less predict where will the stress concentrate occurs therefore we are far more interest on the accuracy of these particular edges rather than other “cooler” part of the whole model.In 2D model, we express this interest on define local seeds beside global seed.

We add a local seeds control much detail than the global seeds on these edges we fond, and press the auto-mesh button to get the map of our interests.


3D model in ABAQUS

When deal with 3D object, we know the failure mostly initials on the surface, also it’s where most interaction take place. So we usually meshes the surface detail to get a good result and leave the center raw to save computing power. Following is how we do this in ABAQUS.

The key to refine mesh on 3D object is to create partition based on our needs. Since I need the elements on lateral area to be refined, I form a partition circle the top area and define that circle with local seed larger than global seed.

That’s how we get a mesh like this.

However, the elements on the lateral area is not square enough to lessen the deformation error, so we create a partition line on the height direction of the cylinder and set another local seed same size with the global seed.

Now if the lateral surface contact with something else, we could have more faith on the stress result calculated by ABAQUS and meantime spend less coffee time while calculation.


3D model in ANSYS

Mesh in ANSYS workbench is pretty stupid-proof, actually if you don’t care, you won’t see the mesh at all in the whole process and result. However if you still want to do the mesh refine, the process is also friendly as heaven.

Just pick the sizing tool in the menu, choose the surace or egde you think is most important,or sensitive, set the sizing and genrate mesh. Well, I think I just wasted my time on writing this because it’s too easy. Enjoy the friendly GUI.

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