Check your VPN software before you upgrade to Windows10 and some reports on ABAQUS’s compatibility with windows 10

I recently upgrade my laptop from Win8.1 to Win10. But the wireless and Ethernet won’t work immediately after upgrading. This sucks because it prevents you search solutions on this very computer! First I thought maybe it was the network drives too old but it’s not the case. Then I found it is related with the VPN software I used.

I am using a  Cisco VPN client distributed by my university. Somehow this software is prevent my Win10 upgrader from correctly setup the network when upgrading. On Microsoft website there is a post indicating Sonicwall Global VPN will also does the same thing ( Although this link offering a trouble shooting software and a manual fix method,it does not works for my case at this time(14th Aug.2015), and when I tried to remove my VPN software in Win10, it just says its impossible due to some system or file corruption. In the trouble shooting software from the link I provided before, they do mention they are still working on a solution, so I hope someone reading this post later can just use the trouble shooting software to fix the problem. But today, I just solved it the hard way.

Solution: I restored to Win8.1 , uninstalled cisco VPN and then upgrade to Win10. After 2 hours of upgrade AGAIN(Oh yes you do need to download Win10 update pack again), Problem finally solved at literally the end of the day.

I also read about if you install a clean Win10 it will solve the problem too, but I don’t want to do that cause my engineering software will take longer to install compare to upgrade from Win8.


To be fair, I do recall an ambiguous warning message about this issue when I upgrade,it says my VPN software is not compatible with win10, so I clicked the ignore bottom with a street smart agility because I think I could remove this software later under Win 10.  Well…


By the way, ABAQUS passed all verify under windows 10(Using CMD: abaqus verify -all), seems no problem with standard and explicit W/O user subroutine. I will update more if I found any problems.


Well, I just found Win10 will drain my laptop battery 50% faster than Win8.1, so likely I won’t test Win10 anymore.

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