How to switch between ABAQUS research and teaching license if your organization supports both, and some useful information on token consumption. Well, also a link to FREE student version ABAQUS.

Let’s assume that you are working in an organization that supports both teaching and research license. By some chance, you may encounter the problem of only got teaching license while you have been authorized to using research license but the IT support team fails or is delaying to switch it. It’s also not strange that this happens just days before a project due and you’ve still got a huge job to run.

If above is true, the following step may be the best way to solve your problem.


1.Find where your ABAQUS is installed, most of the case under C:\SIMULIA\ABAQUS\

2.Search for abaqus_V6.env under this folder, should find it in C:\SIMULIA\ABAQUS\6.13-1\SMA\site

and open it with Notepad. for  academic= in this file, you may find academic=TEACHING .

4.Change academic=TEACHING to academic=RESEARCH .

Save abaqus_V6.env ,done.

Try run your job.


Some not so fun but useful facts FYI:


Usually,Teaching license only supports 20,000 nodes size problem in Standard and Explicit, maybe more(?) in CFD, anybody tried please let me know. Also User-subroutine is not supported. But if your problem is easy enough, don’t switch to research license just for fun because of fact C.


You can get a student version for FREE but only supporting 1,000 nodes in Standard and Explicit, 100,000 (?) nodes in CFD. I believe it’s enough for basic self training though.

Following this link if your are interested:

Seems you just need to sign up an account and the software is all yours.


For those who use research license.

It’s easy to understand every CAE window will occupy 1 CAE token.

But you should also know that EVERY job, will occupy at least 5 analysis tokens, and when all tokens have been occupied in your organization, the later jobs will be wait in a queue until the tokens are released from previous jobs. Here is a taste of how easy the tokens could be depleted from following table. You don’t have to learn this from some bad temped professor yelling at you, right?

Product Number of CPUs (or cores)
1 2 4 8 12 16 24 32 64 128
Number of analysis tokens required
Abaqus/Standard 5 6 8 12 14 16 19 21 28 38
Abaqus/Explicit (including CEL)
Abaqus/Foundation 3 4 5 7 8 9 11 12 17 23
Abaqus/Aqua 6 8 10 14 17 19 22 25 34 46
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